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Clint Fuqua Professional Speaker

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Personal Health Care Reform by Clint Fuqua

As a professional health coach, Clint wants to bring the best guidance for healthy eating to your table...

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Increase your knowledge to maximize your health and enjoy your freedom. Join Clint Fuqua and his special guests each week on the PHCRTV Talk Show. Be a part of the revolution to take back responsibility for your own health!

Personal Health Care Reform by Clint Fuqua

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Knowledge is the most vital and powerful tool you have in caring for your health and the health of your loved ones.

However, there are a few individuals who would like to either make certain knowledge unavailable or make understanding it become so convoluted and complex that it only creates confusion and chaos.

The PHCR Show is here to unravel these complexities and increase your knowledge.

Health is a gift given to all of us at birth; not the absence of disease or the management of a syndrome. It is our individual responsibility to cherish and care for this gift in the best way we know how. There are a few that would like to control how you care for your health through the promise of various programs and regulations to manage your health care. This show is here to broadcast the truth that only you control your health.

Freedom is your ability to learn and live without constraint from any outside force, circumstance, person, or other influence. There are a few that would prefer to restrict your freedom through confusion and regulations to serve the “greater good” and “protect” you from the dangers of the world as they allow you only freedoms to control you. The PHCR Show is here to help you respect and preserve your freedom.

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